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Comfortable, simple and fast!

Rompay Solutions is a Romanian company established in January 2009 in order to give people a new and simple method of making electronic payments.
User's need – making payments into the account of utilities and services providers in a comfortable, quick and simple way.
Rompay's solution – the self-service terminals and payments processing system.


Our goal is to offer the population an alternative payments system via self-service terminals. Through professionalism, timeliness and flexibility, we want to contribuite to the attainment of our customers objective, by streamlining the payments collecting system.


The quality of provided services – is our main way of maintaining existing customers and it contributes to our company's image on the market.
Innovation – our innovational solution is based on the use of latest generation technology and on designing special payments processing software.
Professionalism – we are a young but experienced team, always ready to offer reliable solutions to your needs and requirements.
Perfectionism – we constantly try to surpass our customers expectation.